How true blue are consumers for made in the USA goods? | Exclusive Research

High Point, N.C. – When it comes to seeking out U.S. made items, men, Baby Boomers and Gen X lean more strongly toward these products for home decorating projects. However, across all ages and genders, about one-third or more of consumers have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude on made in USA goods.

patriotic home textiles

Americana kitchen textiles from QVC

Results come from HTT sister publication Furniture Today’s Strategic Insights poll, which showed close to half of Baby Boomers (49%) would pay between 6% and 10% more for domestically made home goods, but just 12% would be willing to ante up 11% or more – the lowest percentage among all age groups.

Gen Z, which encompasses the youngest shoppers surveyed, expressed the greatest accommodation toward paying a premium, with 35% saying they would spend 11% or more and 47% willing to add on 6% to 10% to the base price. In stark contrast, however, is the fact that Gen Z had the highest percentage (29%) of those saying made in the USA was not at all important to them when making a decorating decision.

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