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Swimming with the pishers? You probably should be

The good news from HTT’s annual Top 50 Retailing Giants report is that 46 retailers […]

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What are you going to do now that the bubble has burst?

Recently, we’ve been hearing that some buyers are completely done with orders for 2022.

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Head-spinning times | Jennifer Marks

The word “unprecedented” has gotten quite a workout over the past four years, and justifiably […]

Market News

NY Market Bounces (Half-Way) Back

For the first time in a very long time, big pencil retailers turned out in […]

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Welcome to New York (or not…)

For many in the industry, this will be their first experience of New York market […]

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Marks blog: Top Dogs and Ankle Biters

The small dogs are pushing their snouts into the bowl for a bigger serving of […]

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Marks blog: The Delta Market

I’m finding there will be more open doors in New York this week than I […]


Jennifer Marks blog: The Big Mo

Despite all the challenges, home furnishings sales keep on churning.

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Blog: Here we go again – virtually

Everyone is pretty well seasoned in the art of screen-to-screen interaction at this point and […]

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BLOG: Waiting for the New Normal

The year isn’t getting started in quite the way we might have hoped for a […]