UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber makes you feel more

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 not only affects human health, but also has impacts on national economic wealth as well as people’s daily life, the turbulent change might cause the significant difference in production and consumption patterns. What are consumers looking for? What do they really care? The Founder of Camangi Corporation and the inventor of UMORFIL® Technology, Dr. James Hou shared “Now people are looking for the very beginning mind, desire to achieve balance and comfort both in physical and mental way. It’s the same mentality when I invented the UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series, as my son has the skin problem and couldn’t wear the normal cloth, I started to create the textile materials that hope my son could feel more comfortable and I made it.”

UMORFIL® Technology uses supramolecular technology to integrate collagen peptide amino acid upcycled from food waste- fish scale with cellulose fiber (UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®), polyester (UMORFIL® T) and nylon (UMORFIL® N6U®), create the bionic functional fiber series with the circular economy concept. The name originates from the combination of Latin “Umor” and French “Fil”. Umor means moisture and fil means yarn, UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series just like natural protein fiber have amino acid naturally, but easier for industry as well as consumer to take care, they can be blended and interwoven with all kinds of staple fiber and filament fiber, like cotton, linen, lyocell, silk, wool, and a variety of synthetic fibers.

The product that made by UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series have unlimited possibilities that can heal hearts and balance our life via super soft hand feelings. Sparkles at skin friendly features, UMORFIL® Bionic Fiber series have passed the medical level of skin sensitization/ irritation testing (ISO 10993). Well performance relates with home textile, mattress ticking, wadding, inner wear, denim, active wear, fashion and shoes products. Hou explained, “When we with a textile product that made by UMORFIL®, the materials coexist with the natural functions provide our skin a better environment to keep our skin stay in a healthier and better condition, also can prevent environmental pollution without using too much chemicals and detergent.”

As an international textile material brand, UMORFIL® has been invited by French pavilion displayed in Milano Expo 2015 and it’s the only one textile material with HALAL Certificate, wins the silver medal from French Concours Lépine 2015 and 2017, gold medal from French Concours Lépine 2021. “We have got more and more inquiries and orders from these seasons,” said Hou. “Thank all the supply chain partners, thank you for your support of UMORFIL®, we appreciate your belief of UMORFIL® and invest your time on developments as well as marketing promotions, even some of you during the trial period, we do feel your sincere support.”

UMORFIL® Technology upcycled food waste that help to solve the environment issue which is kind and eco-friendly, at the same time, the natural bionic features can enhance the comfort and durability performance of textile products which can provide a sustainable way for brands and consumers. UMORFIL® makes you feel more!

For more information, please check on www.umorfil.com & contact [email protected] for inquiries.