Oceantex Collection – EverTru Fabrics

Detroit, MI – Outdoor Fabric Manufacturer EverTru Fabrics, a division of Arden Companies and a member of the Central Garden & Pet family, launched its Oceantex Collection in 2021. Oceantex is a sustainable fabric offering for outdoor cushions and pillows with plans for substantial growth in 2022 and beyond. EverTru’s flagship textile offering is its 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic performance fabric and is now adding multiple sustainable fabric options to its lineup.

Every yard of Oceantex fabric produced is made from ocean-bound plastics such as bottles and discarded fishing nets. In the past year alone, over three million pounds of plastic waste have been diverted from entering the ocean to be recycled into Oceantex fabric. Experts say that an astounding eight million tons of plastic enters our waterways each year and that number is expected to triple by 2040 without drastic action.

EverTru has teamed up with OceanCycle, an organization committed to stopping ocean plastic pollution and one of the world’s largest certification providers of ocean-bound plastic material.  Oceantex has been featured by some of the largest retail stores in the USA since its debut last February.  Oceantex offers a conscientious approach to comfort and the environment.  The EverTru team believes we all play an important part in ensuring our planet is livable for future generations and are committed to making a change.

EverTru Vice President of Operations Kyle Sharpe noted that its commitment to sustainability has never been greater than it is now. “During the Oceantex development phase, I was floored by the statistics and the amount of ocean plastic pollution occurring, and that only amplified our commitment as an organization to do our part in the prevention and clean-up efforts. We are proud to launch Oceantex, but it’s only the beginning of where we will be taking sustainable textiles in the future.”

EverTru’s Acrylic Collection entered the market in 2018 and has experienced consistent growth with some of the largest specialty and mass retailers in the outdoor and indoor furniture industry. Sharpe adds, “We are bringing the same service, value and performance that we have established with our Acrylic operation and branching out with more sustainable offerings. We have a tremendous textile design team and a robust global supply chain network in place to support growth in multiple fabric categories. We’re excited to continue delivering to our customer’s needs.

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